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Crypto asset management on an AI-Powered platform

Making crypto accessible for everyone with Artificial Intelligence asset management tools.


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The AI System

Data Unit

Portfolio Unit

Updating Unit

Historic price patterns

Sentiment analysis

On-chain metrics

Valuation analysis

Crypto Portfolio

Own portfolio requirements

Model inference


Data fetching

Order execution

& Re-training


Portfolio Manager

Let AI manage your crypto portfolio

With the knowledge of the AI Scores, the portfolio manager will autonomously buy and sell assets within your portfolio. Based on your own strategy you can adjust the diversification of your crypto portfolio.

By using data, the AI-Systems can determine crypto rankings analyzing chart patterns, fundamentals and valuation metrics. 

Data-driven crypto rankings

AI Analytics

Always be in control of all your financials using our user-friendly and easy accessible app.

Explore the app

Easy accessible

Easy and reliable payment gateways

The Birdview app is making investing in crypto as easy as possible.


Deposit and withdraw in no-time funds to your card, bank or wallet.

We provide the most well-known paying institutions to make investing with the Birview app accessible for everyone, anywhere. 

Our app will be able to transfer funds between:

& more

Safety first

Coming soon

Holders app


Be part of the Birdview community by holding the $BDVW token.

Explore the benefits of being a token holder like profit sharing, the token holders app and more!

There is more behind holding $BDVW tokens

Join the community

Invest in the $BDVW token

Early investors

Profit sharing

Token holders will receive up to 50% profit split

Token potential

10-100x potential with ~3.0m market cap at listing

Platform discounts

Token holders benefit from huge discounts in the app

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


Our Roadmap

Presale Launch

Presale Q1 2024 - Q2 2024

Token Creation



Build Q1 2024 - Q3 2024

AI Trading Agent

AI Trading Agent Dashboard

AI Trading Agent Software (Beta)

AI Trading Agent Software

AI Portfolio Manager

AI Portfolio Manager Dashboard

AI Portfolio Manager Software (Beta)

AI Portfolio Manager Software

Token Holders App launch

Automated Staking

Platform & Token Launch Q3 2024

Token Launch

(listing at $0,03)

Presale sold out

Token claim by token holders

Listing on major exchanges

Public Platform Launch

AI Trade Agent Launch

AI Portfolio Manager Launch

Start profit split for token holders

Engage & Scale (Q1 2024 - Onward)

Large scale marketing campaigns

Community growth

Update existing products

Achieve 50m Market Cap

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